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Get a great night’s sleep with our specially designed eye mask. Using soft moveable, comfortable eye cups to ensure 100% blackout and comfort to help you fall asleep faster and wake feeling more refreshed.

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The ten:PM difference

Product Overview

Darkness is one of the key fundamentals principals to falling and remaining asleep, which is why Ten:PM has created an eye mask to help with this.

The Ten:PM Night Mask has been created with the focus of achieving 100% blackout while remaining comfortable to wear.  Using soft, lightweight and comfortable materials, combined with clever eye cups, the Ten:PM eye mask ensures complete comfort and no pressure on the eyelids or lashes.

The fully adjustable eye cups and strap ensure the perfect fit for you and will allow you to sleep in complete darkness – even in broad daylight!

The eye mask is also 100% machine washable.

If you are having trouble sleeping, the Ten:PM product range has been carefully created to provide you with everything you need to improve your sleep hygiene and give you the best chance of achieving a good night’s sleep.

Complete Blackout!

The carefully designed Ten:PM Night Mask ensures complete blackout due to it’s clever fully adjustable eye cover design utilising lightweight, durable and soft fabrics.

Why is blackout important?  Well your body produces the hormone melatonin which is necessary promotes sleep.  In response to removing any natural light and creating darkness, the body produces more melatonin which quite simply will help you get better sleep.

Night mask no pressure
night mask adjustable

Ultimate Comfort

Fully adjustable, soft foam eye covers to ensure a personalised fit and no pressure on the eyes (unlike other more traditional eye masks!).  The design also ensures the mask is not pressing on your nose to make this the most comfortable eye mask available

The Night Mask
Adjustable strap to ensure the perfect fit
100% Machine Washable
Soft foam eye cups ensures zero pressure on the eyelids and eyelashes
Fully adjustable eye cups – infinitely adjustable for a personalised fit
Soft, durable and breathable materials

The Ten:PM Commitment

We are committed to researching and developing new and innovative products with the goal of helping our customers benefit from a better night’s sleep.  In addition we will continue to share our extensive knowledge and expertise through regular blogs and articles to educate and help you improve your sleep hygiene; a necessary component in boosting the quality of your sleep.   It’s not going to happen overnight, but routine and lifestyle changes combined with enriching the body with natural herbs and ingredients will give you the best possible chance of improving the amount and quality of sleep you get each night.

Our Passion

We are passionate about what we are trying to achieve and will strive to bring a happy sleeping environment to as many people as we can.

All of our products use recyclable materials and packaging wherever possible.

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  1. Camilla

    This truly is the best eyemask ever and trust me I have tried so many!

  2. DAvid

    Super comfortable, quality product, extremely well made, completely blocks out all light as intended without any pressure on the eyes! Don’t waste money on cheaper eye masks thinking this is a little pricey, as i did first time, only to find they dont work to block out all light and end up buying this afterwards anyway – save yourself the expense just buy this one it does exactly what you want it too perfectly!

  3. Deborah

    I’ve tried many eye masks as I work during the night and I have issues with sleeping during the day. Positioned correctly, they can 100% block the light. And it’s great because you can detach the eye pads and position them as you wish. A very, very good product! I love it!

  4. lynne

    I always struggled to fall asleep and the first light in the morning would wake me up. However, this has been the best buy of the year as it has solved my issues and now I fall asleep immediately! I thought it may be uncomfortable but it’s actually very soft and doesn’t apply any pressure on your eyes even if you rest your face on the side.

  5. geoffrey lowman

    Tried many sleep masks and this is the best by far. You get what you pay for, if you want premium you have to pay. Totally worth it though. My wife jokes I’m like a parot, I fall asleep so quickly with this mask. For the number of hours you will be using it, hundreds of hours, it’s a bargain to get the quality of sleep.

  6. margaret.f

    This is a fully adjustable eye mask for sleeping, and it was delivered quickly and in good quality packaging. It is a nice size and is very adjustable, from the fit to the eye pads themselves and it is very easy to do so. It blocks out all light which is great, and it is very comfortable, and the material is very soft. Overall, the price is maybe a bit high for what it is but I recommend it.

  7. newman

    My husband just ordered his second eye mask because his thought it was so good he ordered me one!! He wears it every night and it’s really comfortable. The padded eye pillows are what make this mask better than the other more simple masks.

  8. garymarzy

    I can only sleep deeply in full darkness, so getting this mask has been a life changer! Especially as we are approaching summer. The only thing I find annoying/a little uncomfortable is the fact its velcro and not a headband. But the fact you can move the peices means it will fit anyone and everyone. Would definitely buy again!

  9. Lara

    Comfy on the eyes. I couldn’t quite get it to be total blackout but most of the light. Will be good for long haul flights.

  10. Dan

    I love this eye mask! It’s so comfortable and soft and blocks out light perfectly. Had a really good night’s sleep. The mask stayed in place all night. We’ll worth it compared to other flimsy ones I have tried in the past

  11. Geoff. A

    Good product, I think it’s better for people who sleep on their backs as the product is quite bulky.

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